Developing an online presence for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses through Small Business Development & Growth Consulting. Always thinking about the 360 of a business online and how one affects another through extended education and experience in all service areas, which include graphic and web design, web and app development, social media marketing and management, search engine optimization and marketing, and more.

Consumers spend more time online than offline, so a business or brand needs an online presence to help connect with customers and their target market. Having professional graphics and a website with great content is always the first steps to your business or brand sharing the correct message and professional appearance to consumers.
Passionate and honest at every point, never hiding fees or pricing, while treating your business or brand like my own. Looking for help? Contact me today!


I have a really good experience with Sarah, she is very professional and very helpful plus very patient. We have this project since April and she never gave up on me. I don’t really know what I really wanted for a logo, I had an idea but can’t put it together. I am so glad Sarah was always there helping me and showing all sorts of logos that she made just for me and now we finally got it. I love my logo so much, so professional looking and cute 😉 . And I can’t wait to use that anywhere now…

Iris's ReviewIris Schultz, Excellent Cleaningz

Sarah was extremely respnsive in communicating weather it be nights or weekends she responded. She did great at understanding what I wanted for my site and implementing that into the final product. Would not hestitate to use her again for future projects.

Sarah is simply amazing. Very personable and enthusiast about her job and cares a lot about her work, Top Quality Service. I will be using her services from here on out for any web design and anything else for my website. AGAIN, thank you for giving 100%

bradmasterj reviewBradley James, BradMasterJ

Everything turned out well Sarah hit every point on target this upgrade to my website was very important as a national add comes out on the heels of the upgrade good job Sarah!

I found Sarah to be terrific to work with! I had an urgent project, with time constraints and she not only met the deadline but beat it in a professional and responsive way. Sarah’s skill set is excellent and her work turned out great! I wold highly recommend Sarah!

ARH ReviewRhea Harris, Your Content Goes Here

Sarah has been the greatest. From the beginning, I knew when I chose her over everyone else, I had made the right. Now that the website is up and running, her support to someone new, like me, to all this, has been fantastic. Thank you so much!

Sentinel Armory ReviewWilliam Cassiue, Sentinel Armory



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