People are visual creatures. We all instinctively look at images before text. So a carefully chosen image on your opening page can make a positive and lasting first impression. We shouldn’t overlook or undervalue the importance of having images on your website. We have all heard the old expression that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Researchers now say that a picture is interpreted by our brain about 60,000 times faster than text. It is decoded into meaningful information. An image can send a clear message to your audience. Images are read much quicker and easier than even the most carefully worded text. A visitor will rarely read a long line of text word for word but they are certain to view the images that are placed throughout your website pages. These images will likely stay in their minds much longer than the script. This gives your website an added chance to be visited again further down the road. Another consideration is that not all web users are fluent in your language. They may struggle with reading due to any number of reasons, including dyslexia. Staring at a large wall of featureless text can be a daunting and intimidating task for them. You can break that wall with a well-chosen, theme-relevant imagery. This can make your page much more inviting. It can also lessen the intimidation for anyone who may struggle with reading.

Website Image Statistics

Consider These Statistics on How Images Affect Web Traffic

1. A colored visual image increases a person’s willingness to read web content by 80%.
2. 60% of customers are more likely to consider or contact a business who has an image come up in a web search.
3. More than 50% of customers say that image quality is important in the decision to buy a product.
4. One study found that after three days, individuals may retain only 10% of information spoken to them. Yet they retained up to 65% of the same information delivered with an accompanying image. A very stark contrast indeed!
5. Maybe the most startling statistic is that content with relevant images gets 94% more visitors than similar content with no images.

This is just a sampling of the many ways in which images can boost traffic to your website. They can help contribute to the overall success and visibility of you and your business. Adding images may be the easiest and most cost-effective way to give your website a major boost!