Content writing is a process learned over time through education and practice (lots and lots of practice). It can never be perfected, as content writing learning is never done. We can always do a better job to meet the writing needs of the consumers that read our content and improving our content writing is just one of these ways. There are basic ideas to beginning to learn to write better content that can help us start the learning process.

All About The Reader

Content writing begins with finding out what you are writing about and who you are writing to. Are you writing content for a homepage? describing a product or service? Are you writing for business or consumer? Knowing who you are writing for is the first step to creating great content for your website, and marketing purposes, like social media. Researching the demographics and interests is part of learning your audience.

Never Depend On An Image

How is the reader going to know what you are writing about if they do not see your image? Many times, we fail at writing great content because we depend on an image to help describe the product instead of the writing. When you are writing for a product, describe the product through your writing as if no image will be on the page to help. An image is added to the page to bring the attention of the reader to the writing, but the writing should never be bringing the attention to the image. Whether it is a consumer that is deaf, so is using a program to read out words, or just a consumer with a mobile/desktop device not pulling up images, we want to focus on winning over the reader through describing our product in the way it is written.

Pretend The Consumer Knows Nothing

We write content for our websites with the assumption that the reader has followed to the page knowing certain information about our business. Consumers do not have time for confusion, so easily turn away to find the “next guy” when it comes to a product or service if they become confused by your writing. Ensuring to write content that is clear to understand, explains the item with no pre-assumptions, and leads the reader to continue on where you want/need them to is vital to writing great content writing. If you assume that a consumer knows about your business, then you may miss an opportunity to teach a reader the correct information who may have been misinformed. I love to tell my clients to image the potential customer is on the phone, has never heard of them, and they have to explain their product, service, or business to them. What would you say?

Never Ask Questions, They Already Know Their Questions 

Never Ask Questions

If you browse through the internet, you will find many websites with even the top header asking questions, “Are you looking for a great product?” is just one example. Yes, they are looking for a great product but you lost them because you are more interested in asking the reader their own question instead of answering it. Make sure to write where you answer the questions, not ask them. Writing where you spend two or three sentences out of six sentences asking questions leads to nothing but a consumer turning the page before he/she learns anything. We all know that spending time on a website hearing questions is not helping us find what we need. Content writing, whether for informative purposes or for content marketing purposes, can be done better through a little bit of learning. Continuing to learn how you can improve your content writing can lead to your business doing better because you will find your customers better informed through what they find on your website. Consumers are picky, and they deserve to be with all the businesses online offering similar products or services. Ensuring to stand out through writing how your business deserves is important. Start with these few tips and practice writing. Use other big business websites as examples of content writing in action to get yourself in the write mode of writing. Make sure not to copy them as your product or service in unique, deserves better, and different than the other guy. Your business deserves it!