Developing a winning small business marketing campaign that actually leads to great results is not an easy task. Anyone who says different is just trying to market you. Many small business owners have great ideas for marketing their business, but fail when trying to make their ideas come to life. Marketing that leads to great results takes much more than a nice flyer or a big email list, it takes learning content writing and marketing. Successful marketing begins and ends with the great content that is written.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is about creating valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. A strategic marketing approach focusing on distributing valuable and consistent content to attract and retain clearly-defined audiences to ultimately drive profitable customer actions. Did I lose you? To keep the meaning of content marketing simpler, it is about educating the consumer so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you. If consumers trust you, they will love you and will always come to your business before anywhere else. If consumers do not trust you, they do not do business with you. The same idea goes with people who have already become our customers. They saw something about us that led them to trust us and business. Our customers can suddenly not trust us at all, it happens all the time. A great example is a story that we have all heard about with the dentist from Minnesota named Walter Palmer, who went to Africa to go hunting and ended up shooting Cecil the Lion. He is now not trusted by consumers because of the image he portrays to them. What about his patients? Do they trust the dentist they have known for years or the new article that they just read? If you said the dentist, you may be lost but keep with me (there is a point). The customer can come in loving us, but leave hating us even quicker. It is all about who is writing the better content. To use the dentist as an example, the newspaper will always win because they live and breath content marketing to make sure they attract, intrigue, and entertain consumers so they read any news article they write.

Educate yourself on how to implement winning marketing campaigns for your small business through using one or all of these three websites to learn all the important areas of content writing and content marketing

Copy Bloggers (My Favorite!)

Copy Bloggers is my favorite source for learning copywriting and marketing tips for any level of learner. Copy Blogger’s blog and easy to learn courses help you read and learn as you go. Copy Blogger never feels like spam in an inbox when you sign-up to receive emails from them, as there is always a quick lesson to learn in the email. Their blog posts are not meant to sell a product, but to inform and educate others, which is why I love them even more! Copy Blogger is teaching small businesses (and more) the importance of having good content writing and marketing as part of a marketing plan.


Copyhackers is a tremendous resource website containing an endless amount of free tips and advice for learning to attract customers through better content writing and marketing. Whether you are new to the whole idea of content writing and marketing or been around the block, it is a resourceful website to read and subscribe to get great tips to your inbox.

Content Marketing Institute

 Content Marketing Institute is a top-notch blog dedicated to everything content marketing. They have grown to have one of the largest collection of resources in this area to help guide you in about anything business marketing related to learn how to do it right. Multiple authors write for their blog that allows them to bring a non-bias opinion on content marketing. Remember that you can never stop learning content writing and marketing. Getting to where you are educated in the areas that would be affecting, or not affecting your small business is a great start to improving your marketing campaigns, and get great results!