No matter how great your device is, one day something is going to happen to it. Our world is full of reasons why this happens, as our devices are stolen, lost, infected by a virus or malware, or damaged every day. All our memories and important documents are being looked after by our devices, so what happens when your device is gone? Ensuring our data is always backed up online is vital to ensuring our important documents and files are safe for a lifetime.

Online Backup versus Offline Backup

Offline backup is any form of data storage that is local and does not require an internet to use. This is accomplished through DVDs, CDs, external drives, USB thumb drives, memory cards, and more. The issue that we run into with offline backup with local devices is that errors can occur, they can be misplaced, or damaged, which can lead you to lose everything. The price for offline storage can become an issue as devices usually do not hold the amount of storage we need for backup. When a device or drive has enough storage, it has a large cost that comes with it.

Online data backup is a method of storing your data through regular backups over a network or remote server to a service provider. Online backup is a cost-effective way to keeping your important memories and information safe because of the use of the cloud to store the data. The information is transmitted to the cloud storage on a regular basic to ensure it is always up to date and protected.

Online backup originally was used by large companies looking to protect their vital information by backing up their data to servers. As technology became part of everyone’s daily lives, new service providers came around offering lower-cost solutions to backing up your data to the cloud. We now refer to backing up our data as online backup, whether we are using a cloud or not, because more and more of us are using an online service provider to keep our data safe.

Check out our next blog where we will be discussing some of the top online backup providers and the options they offer with their plans to get you started with your backup.