When it comes to online backup, there are several possible features available, depending on the service provider. Learning about the available features to find which ones you need will help you chose the right service plan for you.

How Often Should I Backup My Data?

There are two main ways a service can determine when files should bee sent to the server for safekeeping. The first way is using a fixed schedule, such as once a day, week, or month. The second way is to upload file changes as they are saved to your device. This is a referred to as a continuous backup as it keeps all your files up to date. Majority of users prefer the continuous backup feature as it leads to less worry with regards to what files are backed up if you suddenly lose or break your device.

How Can I Access My Backup Files?

Everywhere we go, we bring the web. The same should be true about our backup files. Most online backup providers allow you to access your backup from a web browser, but what you can do within the browser depends on the provider. For example, one may allow you to only download your files from the browser, while others let you view files, play music or videos, and share files with others all within your web browser. Checking to see what web features are available and which ones work best for you is important as you may need to access files this way if something happens to your device.

How Can I Access My Files On The Go?

Having access to your file on the go through a phone app is another feature that online backup providers are now offering. Depending on the service provider, the phone app may allow you to manage your backed-up files on the go and keep a backup of the files stored on your mobile device. Always make sure to check the type of device applications available and what features are included with them on the provider’s website before assuming. Being caught off guard after you begin backing up your files is never fun.

The last thing anyone wants is to backup files to one provider then suddenly to move the files to another service provider a few months later. To help prevent this, make sure to check the long-term pricing for your chosen plan and what features are available before starting your first backup. Certain providers love to run free trials and special offers. Free trials can be very helpful to see first-hand what the features are included for the service provider and plan. Make sure the after-trial cost is affordable long-term before starting a trial.