When Did Your Partner With Adobe BC?

In 2014,our owner, Sarah Mullin, spent extensive time researching for an easier solution for her clients with regards to their website management and hosting. She worked with dozens of platforms, and hosting solutions over the years to only find she was running into constant issues and problems for her clients from the technology (or lack of) and customer support provided to her clients by these companies. Sarah wanted for Creative Solutions Together and their clients to have a better hosting solution that would allow her to develop her client's websites using a single platform that was safe, secure, and meant for true professional websites.

After a few months of research and feeling like she had pulled out almost every hair in frustration, Sarah connected with Adobe Business Catalyst. Being a strong member of the Adobe community already, she was excited to hear more from  Adobe regarding their hosting solution for professional web developers to build online businesses how they want, and support their clients directly.

In January 2015, Sarah began offering the complete hosting solution of Adobe BC to her small business clients. Since the transition, Creative Solutions Together and our clients using the hosting solution have been loving every bit of the easier, more efficient way of developing and managing their website, aka online business.

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