Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are quoted through a per project or monthly retainer. Many of our services are a one time project, like an online business build or graphic design project (marketing materials, logo design, etc), while others take time and work through monthly retainers that are based on your need (brand building, search engine optimization, consulting, etc). How we price these retainers have to do with the amount of time that is needed. The more it takes, the more a project or monthly retainer may cost, but our retainers do break down to less per hour as the time increases. Any questions you have regarding our fees are answered through our proposals, and we never push any services, or continual market anyone who is not ready or interested in our services. So, please do not hesitate to reach out and speak with us about your services.

Knowledge is power so I am constantly learning something new to keep up with small business trends and new ideas (ask me what class I am taking now when you speak with me). I currently hold an Associates in Business Management and Administration, Certified in Web Development and Social Media Marketing, and more. Along with education, I have grown more tremendously through my work experience as the real world is more than the classroom can ever teach from my personal experience. As a preferred partner of Adobe Business Catalyst, I keep up with all the lasted training and knowledge through continuing education. I just completed a course full of brand new technology for websites.

To keep it simple...

1. Speak with the client to find out more about their need to get the full scope of work.

2. Create and send a quote for the work needed and send to be reviewed. Depending on the work, a proposal is written up and signed in addition to the quote information being shard.

3. An invoice is created based on the amount needed to begin the work.

4. Once the required payment is made, I begin work on your project.

There are certain steps that are added to the process, depending on the type of work.

We focus developing and growthing small business online through focusing on the vital areas needing to reach your target market where they are. We are helping our clients while teaching and advising them for the future on vital areas they need to know to grow their business.
Online development is for any business, from start-up to decades old and focuses on graphic design, web development, social media, marketing and management, search engine optimization, and so much more. Every business is different but our background is extensive, between education and experience.

Consumers spend more time online than anything else, our job is to get our clients in front of consumers to help them be seen and heard in a professional way. 

1. Do you they have any reviews? Is there any way they can verify some of the reviews if you question them? There are tons of professionals putting up fake reviews for themselves or others right now.

2. What kind of clients have they worked with previously?

3. What makes their service different than other professionals?

4. Do they have any work examples you can find, or can they share work examples with you?

My main clients are Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Through the years, I have taken on different projects, which led me to work with individuals working on a personal project, medium-sized businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and more.

Creative Solutions Together’s web development area was transitioned to BC Rocket Club with our Adobe BC partnership in January 2014 to allow for our clients hosting their website on our platform to have additional resources and support that are valuable-member only benefits clients. Our BC Rocket Club Member Area is in development to allow for a community of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to share, learn, and manage their business together (coming end of May). 

In 2014,our owner, Sarah Mullin, spent extensive time researching for an easier solution for her clients with regards to their website management and hosting. She worked with dozens of platforms, and hosting solutions over the years to only find she was running into constant issues and problems for her clients from the technology (or lack of) and customer support provided to her clients by these companies. Sarah wanted for Creative Solutions Together and their clients to have a better hosting solution that would allow her to develop her client's websites using a single platform that was safe, secure, and meant for true professional websites.

After a few months of research and feeling like she had pulled out almost every hair in frustration, Sarah connected with Adobe Business Catalyst. Being a strong member of the Adobe community already, she was excited to hear more from  Adobe regarding their hosting solution for professional web developers to build online businesses how they want, and support their clients directly.

In January 2015, Sarah began offering the complete hosting solution of Adobe BC to her small business clients. Since the transition, Creative Solutions Together and our clients using the hosting solution have been loving every bit of the easier, more efficient way of developing and managing their website, aka online business.

Creative Solutions Together was started in 2012 by Sarah Mullin. After spending 10+ years working independently as small business consultant providing services in areas that my client's lacked experience or support to complete, I felt it was past the time to develop a business out of it. Not a business to hold uneducated and lack of training, cheap labor, but a business that focuses on a set amount of clients at a time and gives it their all.

 As a small business owner who has seen the rise and fall of small businesses, I am passionate about what I do and it shows through with every client that I work with. I love what I do everyday, and want to help my clients to help my clients grow their business through using up to date technology, knowledge, experience, and education.

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