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Google's New Search Engine Rules And Your Website

  •   Thursday, August 06, 2015

  • SEO

    Unless you have been living in a box recently, you have heard about Google's new mobile-first search algorithm. Google's new way of creating search results and ranking means they want your site to not only be designed based with a mobile device in mind, but designed for mobile device first. There is much confusion between mobile-first, mobile-ready, and mobile-friendly, which I have seen even professionals be confused with recently.

    • Mobile-Ready means a website is able to be pulled up on a mobile device. This does not means it looks good but that it can be pulled up.
    • Mobile-Friendly means your design is friendly to a mobile device. Your website has a desktop and mobile layout to allow a mobile device to pull up a website that is fit for a mobile device screen, so has a better look and feel (smaller size).
    • Mobile-First means exactly that, designed and built around what your website looks like on a mobile device before a desktop. Traditionally, a responsive web design allows for a mobile first as everything about your site is configured with a mobile device in mind. If a smaller device, your website changes to keep the same information and graphics, but laid out in a way to fit that smaller device.

    Google is cleaning out websites that are not mobile-friendly, and bumping the search rankings higher for those websites that are mobile-first. Many small business owners have never taken the time to look at their own website on any device but their own, and sometimes not even that. Having a mobile first website is what Google wants, and to have this means your website needs to be responsive to whatever size mobile device your customer is using. Google is trying to clean house when it comes to old sites that have not been updated or some even touched for years.

    Pull your website up on multiple different devices to see how you truly look to customers and Google. If you look pretty good on our mobile device test page, then check out Google's more in-depth page test to see areas where your website could be fixed. Google's test tells you details behind all the areas you can fix for your website.

    Learn more at Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

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