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Writing Better Content For Our Business

Content writing is a process learned over time through education and practice (lots and lots of practice). It can never be perfected, as content writing learning is never done. We can always do a better job to meet the writing needs of the consumers that read our content and improving our content writing is just on ..

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Getting Started Right With Social Media

Social Media can be a powerful marketing tool to help reach the consumers that our small business is looking for. Marketing through social media brings you down to the consumer level and builds trust for your brand. Getting started on social media does not need to be difficult. Begin with social media usi ..

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Finding Help For Your Small Business

Time and time again, Small Business Owners wait to find help until they are overwhelmed, exhausted, and losing revenue. We all have dealt with this problem at one point or another. Why do we do this as business owners? Truly each owner has their own answer to that question. When can we start saying  ..

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Are You Living The Blue Collar Way of Life?

We grew up with our grandparents always telling us tricks to save money when we were kids. We never forget, even as adults, those words of our grandparents. They are drilled in our mind because of how many times we heard them. Did you ever think to use them in your life? What about when your grandparents wou ..

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Increase Your SEO By Avoiding 5 Common Mistakes

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important part of ensuring our website is included and ranked by search engines. We hear wonderful tips on how to improve the SEO of our website, but what hurts our SEO? What mistakes do we make with our website that hurts our SEO that could be avoided? Not Allowing Se ..

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