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Importance of Social Media For Small Business

> In today‚Äôs world, it is not enough to have just a website for your business. We are living in a world where everyone is connected 24/7 and social media is a part of our daily lives. Social media being part of the daily consumer life makes it important to our small business.There is many different  ..

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7 Tips For Twitter Marketing Success

Twitter can help improve your online presence, help reach more customers, grow a following around your business, and interact with current customers. Since we are not professionals at social media, it hard to know where to begin and what to do to ensure you are using Twitter to it's fullest. To help, I have p ..

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Getting Started Right With Social Media

Social Media can be a powerful marketing tool to help reach the consumers that our small business is looking for. Marketing through social media brings you down to the consumer level and builds trust for your brand. Getting started on social media does not need to be difficult. Begin with social media usi ..

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Getting Your Small Business On Started Social Media

Social media allows your small business to be given a voice, a real side that our consumers are looking for in a business. Without having a social media presence, our consumers see a corporate business feel that even Corporate America is staying away from presently. Getting your small bu ..

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Creating Facebook or Twitter Buttons For Your Website

With Facebook and Twitter, there are easy ways to get new buttons to connect these social networks to your website. Using these buttons on your website have been found to increase search engine optimization (SEO), social network activity, and more because of the way the search engines and social network bots work t ..

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