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Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

  •   Thursday, August 06, 2015

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    So, you’ve just started up your very own small business. Good for you! But now, how do you grow that small business into a big financial success? Maybe you have been in business for some time already and need to reach a larger audience of potential customers. You may also want to streamline the process of turning browsers into customers. Well then, you should understand why every small business needs a website.

    There are many ways a website can help your business. One way that a website can help your business thrive is by allowing your company to reach potential customers 24/7. No need to have an employee sitting there around the clock to answer calls, answer questions, etc. Your website can do all that for you.

    With a website, you can also showcase who you are, and what your business is all about. You can also give your mission statement. This will help potential customers feel confident in trusting you to deliver the quality product or service they need.

    Your website will let you describe your products, show photos or videos, answer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and showcase product reviews and features. This is a great way to clarify what services you offer or to really drive home how awesome your products are.

    We are living in an increasingly digital world. If you don’t have an online presence you are missing a significant audience of customers. In effect, without a website, you are invisible to most people.

    Let’s not forget about those who ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) shop. In fact, over 70% of Millennials, or persons roughly 25-35 years old, research online the products they’re planning to purchase. Then they go to a brick and mortar location to buy the product.

    Nearly 45% of customers research items online, while they are actually in the store. If they are on the fence about purchasing a certain item they may try to do research on it only to realize that they can’t find your store online. Then they may become frustrated and walk out with cash still firmly in pocket. That isn’t the way for your small business to flourish.

    Over 35% of consumers report using the internet to find a store location at least once a month. If your website is live and ready for views, paying customers will be able to find you much more easily.

    Be sure that your new website is mobile device compatible! 30% of all US e-commerce is now happening via mobile devices, and that number is only expected to grow.

    There are also many other positive, yet less quantifiable benefits to having a website. One often overlooked aspect is the cost savings that come from a decreased need to circulate printed materials for advertising. Another is the ability to have a company Blog, which is an impressive marketing tool in its own right.

    Nearly half of all small businesses still don’t have a website. Now is the time to get yours up and running! The numbers are in, and they clearly show that your small business cannot reach full profit potential without its very own website.

    To sum up, big impact doesn't have to mean big budget when it comes to the web. It's all about being relevant, consistent and accessible online. As you can see there are many reasons a small business should have a website.


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